Friday, July 13, 2012

Guiding Readers - chapter 7

Well, this one won't be as long, due to the fact that I'm in Tulsa at a stitch retreat. Look for my Monday Made It to see what I did. Now on to chapter 7. All of what was said here really hit true to me. I love the lesson ideas as well. I think visualization is so hard for older kids because they didn't always do it when they had picture books because they used the pictures. One things I have done is read a picture book without showing the pictures and have them draw a scene. I also tell them to make a movie in their head. I also use pictures for inference. My favorite web site for that is Sorry, I they started stitching class, so I am finishing this on Sunday night.  If you have never been to, let me tell you why I love it for inference.  #1 - there is a new picture every day, #2 - they are typically real world things (animals, places, people, events, etc), #3 - there are squares you can click on in the picture that will take you to links to tell you what it is.  I think working with our higher grades, doesn't mean not teaching what they need, but instead teaching it in a way that allows the students to feel that they are being taught on level and not like a "baby."

Hope this helps some.


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