Saturday, July 7, 2012

Daily 5 - Chapter 3

Wow, so many thoughts and ideas. I am so excited. I will be starting my 4th year using daily 5. The first 2 years I used book boxes. I was in 4th grade, the first year I was self contained and the 2nd I taught only 2 classes, so it wasn't to difficult. Last year and this year I will be in 6th grade. Last year I had 60 kids and this next year it will be 90. Yikes, how to find a space for all those books. I try to encourage my students to keep their library books with them and then I have a library. I'm not sure what I will do this next year, but I will keep thinking.

I also have a gathering spot. For some of my larger students, I allow my students to sit in chairs but with in a close proximity to my gathering space. I realized 1/2 through the year last year that if I didn't bring the students to a gathering spot, I was not having the engagement I needed in the class. A gathering place is something I will continue.

Anchor charts are an interesting topic when you have more than 1 class you are teaching. Last year I got to play with a Promethean Board for the first time, and it was so much fun. I really liked this for Daily 5 and my anchor charts. I created a flip chart for each class and created our Anchor charts on the flip chart. After all class' had created each I chart, I combined all information on a piece of poster board to post in the room. This way each class got to come up with their I chart, but their was also a visual available at all times. I also like the idea of making copies for the students to put into their reading journals.

As for the 3 minute time frame, I understand the thought of "they should be able to do this." However, Last year I learned very quickly that my idea of how Daily 5 looks and the teachers before me where very different. My version of silent and theirs were different. My idea of a bubble space and theirs were different. So starting out with the 3 minutes and increasing time slowly. I realized this is important if I want my expectations met.

As for signals there are a few I have done:
1 - I say "Alakazu" and the kids respond with "Alakazam" and put all eyes on me.
2 - I say 5 loudly and then count down on my hand till I hit zero and I should have all students on me.
3 - I have done the same thing as number 2, but using a bell
4 - I have had a student teacher use the McDonald's theme and the students respond with "I'm loving it."

I would recommend finding one or two and sticking with them.

Here are some links to the 2 sisters website that have some more ideas on all of this.

I Pick and Good Fit books

Book Boxes

I know that doesn't seem like many, but we will get into the I charts more with each part of the Daily 5 pieces.  I also only chose the public articles you can get to.  I have a membership, and it is well worth it along with their weekly e-mail.  It comes on Friday. 

If you have read my review of Chapter 3 and want to see what other teachers are saying, go check out the blog We Read, We Blog, We Teach.

Happy Daily 5 Reading. 

We Read, We Blog, We Teach

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