Monday, July 9, 2012

Guiding Readers - Chapter 6

Well, I decided to try something new, colored letters instead of black.  I know I'm a day late, again!  I promise to try to be on top of things a little more, however Chapter 7 will probably be late as well, I will be out of town from Thursday to Sunday.  

This chapter really hit home with me in several ways -

1) This is where a lot of my students are.  I teach a lot of ESL kids and while they can read fluently and with accuracy, their comprehension and vocabulary are weak.  

2)  Hello, CAFE.  Does this not connect so well.  Our students have the A - accuracy and F- Fluency strategies and we have to work on the C - Comprehension and E - Expanding Vocabulary.  

3)  I think I have figured out how to include this with Daily 5/ Cafe.  I can so see myself teaching these strategies as a whole group the first few weeks of school while getting my Daily 5 set up, and then reinforcing these strategies in small groups with their Must Do's being their activities during Daily 5 Time.  I think this might just work.  

I also like how she includes the writing components and vocabulary components which fit right in with Work on Writing and Word Work.  

Oh boy, I may be putting too much on myself trying to get all this to come together, but I love all my thoughts.  Now how to include Geography, I'll figure it out.  

The neat thing is, is Lori's strategies (lessons) during Small group match up and give you strategies for teaching the Comprehension elements and having a physical for grading. 

I can't wait for the next chapter (Hey my color goofed), That's better.  Working with Struggling Readers in the Upper Grades is where I am, so I can't wait for her new ideas.  Has anyone thought of putting a spreadsheet together of her Lesson Routines, What they Are, and Her Must Do's along with what area of reader they go with?  Stupid Auto Save, changed my font again.  Maybe that will be my first TPT.  Not sure if mine will look as cute as ya'lls.  Till next time.  Happy Reading.


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