Friday, June 29, 2012

What a week!!!!

Well, what can I say, my week has been a long one.  I wanted to read - Guided Reading, to be exact - but my brain was too tired.  It all started last Friday when my 4 year old - Paul, woke up with a cough for day number 5 and my 7 year old - Tamara had a fever.  Here we go off to the doctor.  After a visit to the doctor and learning Paul had a double ear infection and Tamara had a virus, it was off to Target to get medication and home to chill.  Two sick, crabby kids - OH NO!!!  I can survive, Paul will be better tomorrow and Tamara should be better by Monday.  Saturday we are still crabby, but movies, tv, and a nap allow us to make it through the day without to much tension.  Sunday morning comes around, we still have fevers, cough is better for Paul, worse for Tamara and by the end of the evening Tamara is complaining of her ear hurting. (OH GREAT - that is what this single mom says)  Monday morning - off to the doctor again - and the vertict is double ear infection for Tamara and back to Target for more medication we go.  We get medicine, I try to explain to my son we don't have to buy toys everytime we go to the store, for some reason - he just doesn't understand this.  So we head back home for a chill day number 4.  The kids are starting to get restless, Tamara's crabbiness is starting to climb to uglyness, and this mom is like, OKAY we have to be on the road to recovery now.  

Well maybe not - Tuesday we wake up, Tamara still has ear pain (okay it hasn't been a full 24 hours), and now Paul's stomach is hurting.  REALLY????? I'm not sure at this point if I can handle much more illness.  We make it through Tuesday - barely, I'm exhausted and praying I get to sleep in my own bed, by myself.  For some reason - sick kids think they need to sleep with you.  
 Which means - No room for Mommy!!!!!

Wednesday come around - Paul's still stomach cramping (ah, constipation) and Tamara is in tears due to her ear.  This ear should be clear, she is on antibotics.  Back to the doctor we go.  Now not only does she have double inner ear infection, but also an outer ear infection (swollen ear canal).  What else can happen here - please let this be it!!!!  Back to Target, now ear drop for meds, and more explaining to the kids that going to Target does NOT mean toys. Oh and over the counter the stuff for Paul.  Thursday is better, but we are starting to get sick of one another, and the TV, and not being outside.  By today the kids are better, we are now saying we feel good mommy, I don't need medicine.  

I am very happy at this point that we are on the road to being well.  I am also blessed to have two wonderful children, however by the end of this week I needed a break.  Lucky for me, They are with their daddy this weekend.  Break for me, and now I have time to read Guided Reading with some focus (gotta get caught up to Chapter 4).  I also have time to do some DIY crafts for my classroom.  Can't wait to post them with Tara on 4th Grade Frolic for her Monday Make Over.

4th Grade Frolics     

Sorry Tara - I'm not sure how to grab buttons, so I copy and pasted.  I'm new at this.  I'll keep working on it.

Well, I will read this weekend and complete these things:

1 - Guiding Readers post for Chapter 2 and 3
2 - Monday Made It  DIY (Maybe 2)
3 - And it is time to get some stitching in.

Till later,

Nicole Rutledge

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  1. Hope your children have made a full recovery. I have an award for you, The Versatile Blogger. Come on over and pick it up.