Monday, June 25, 2012

Guiding Readers : Chapter 1

As I have blog stalked and read others review of Guiding Readers, I decided I might want to join in as well.  Amongst the joys of taking care of 2 kids both with fevers, I read chapter one in spurts.  Here are some of my thoughts, ideas, questions?

  • Much like Daily 5, I like the idea of the focus for each lesson of Guided Reading being purposeful, however I have gotten where I enjoy the individual conferences of Daily 5 vs the Small group teaching.  I know that small group can be beneficial but in my class' I have always noticed that if there is more than one student their are some students who prefer not to participate, so I found the one on one got more participation from each student.
  • Reading the text multiple times was something I always encouraged when I taught the lower grades, but when teaching 4th and 6th, I found the students really balked at that idea.  How do I encourage them to do multiple reads of the same story while giving it the appropriate amount of attention and focus.
  • I can't wait to see how to incorporate the reading and writing component together.  With about 90 minutes to teach Reading, Writing, and Geography, any way to combine topics and still get the right teaching points across successfuly is very much appreciated.

Well that is all for chapter 1.  Looking forward to reading Chapter 2 tomorrow and getting caught up on being apart of the book study.  I am also doing the Book Study of Cafe/Daily 5 For upper grades in July, and I hope to find how to incorporate both of these together.

More Teaching, Stitching, and Parenting to come,

Nicole Rutledge

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  1. Thanks for linking up! It is an interesting balance between how much one on one time you spend versus small group teaching isn't it? Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts.
    Thinking of Teaching