Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday Made It #7 on Tuesday

Well, if you caught my Monday Made it last week, you know that last week was kind of a blur. 

I started off in Dallas at Mary Kay Sapphire Seminar.  Oh, How much fun I had.

New Nail Colors!!!                            Dress made out of recycled             Future National Mundy
                                                                         boxes!                              Area (My Girlfriends).

I finished up in Dallas on Wednesday Morning and headed to Mardel's to get some laminating done (I had a 5 Feet Free coupon!).  After doing that, repacking, and getting my carpets cleaned, I headed over to my sisters for another Stitching Weekend.

Thursday Morning - Beth (my sister), and I headed down to Red Rock, Texas to Hideaway Hills Bed and Breakfast.  Oh my, what an amazing place.  It holds a max of 10 people in bungalows.  Has a separate great room, that they have set up for crafts.  Yes, that means 10 large tables with rolling comfortable chairs and lights already provided.  They have had quilters, scrappers, and stitchers all come.  Not to mention each meal we had was to die for and the owners just became a part of our group.  Oh how much fun. 

My project here was a stitched sampler.  This piece was started in March of 2009.  It is being completed by My mom, my sister, and myself.  Let me explain,  we each started our own piece (yes all the same design), and then are rotating it around so we each have the same completed piece, that each of us stitched on.

Here is the piece I worked on, my mom's:

The before I started my section (My Mom stitched this part):

Here is what I got done while I was there (I stitched):
Sorry, I couldn't get it to turn, but you should be able to see what I added.  The phrase so far on there is "With Silken Stitches Dost My Nee" (the last word will be needle).

We came back Sunday, and did I mention that while I drove my lovely sister cut out all 20 feet of laminated items for me.  YEA, BETH!!!  Then she asked if I had more laminating, and when I said yes, she said it is hers to cut out at night.  So I finished the last 15 feet of Laminating I had today.  Woo Hoo.

On to my school made its:  Yes I did do some of those.

I completed my Vocabulary in Context Binder to add with my other 5 I have done.

In case you didn't read last weeks post, I have printed off hard copies of lessons and reading passages for each "topic" and for the grades 2-6 from www.readworks.org.  With all the RTI and different levels I have in my 6th grade class', this allows me to have the information at my fingertips with out having to go web searching.

I also worked on creating book bags.

So, I know I could have bought actual book boxes, but when you need 90 (yes, 3 classes of 30), the next question is where to put them.  I don't have room for all those boxes.  Then I thought well I could just do canvas bags, okay on space, but that green thing called money, my budget just won't fit that.  I tried using gallon baggies last year, but they broke, and some non-fiction books just wouldn't fit.  So then with all the duck tape projects going around, I decided that maybe duck tape would fix the breaking problem(reinforce the edges and bottom).  The I started thinking about size and remembered those baggies I saw a few years back with the school bus' on them.  I couldn't find those, but Hefty had a 2.5 gallon Ziploc bag.  I decided to go with those.  12 for $4 wasn't bad, big enough for most non-fiction or picture books, and I got duck tape when it was on sales at Michael's for 2 for 7.  So I started off with one box of bags and tried it tonight.  I'm pretty happy with how they came out.  Now to find a storage idea, and see if they actually work. By the way, that is my son (Paul) who was helping me.

So after a busy week, then a busy Monday with my kids I got back from their Dad's, I decided I should like up with Tara for her Monday Made It.

I start back to school on the 20th, so not much more time and so much to do.  Another :

13 Topic Binders
78 Book Bags
My Teacher Notebook - started but not finished
My Sub Notebook
Exit Ticket Poster
and classroom set up, I should stay pretty busy.

Till next Monday,  Have fun linking up with Tara and seeing what others made.
If you want to get some of that awesome nail polish, check out my website at www.marykay.com/nrutledge

Nicole Rutledge

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  1. I like you're idea of reinforcing ziplocs with duck tape. If you're looking for an idea for your exit slips poster, come check out my Monday made-it post. That's what I made this week!

    Happy Literacy!