Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shhhhh!!!! - It's time for the Book Whisperer

Yes, I know.  I'm doing three book studies at once.  Hope I can keep up with it all.

Chapter 1 is where we begin.  First of all, I love reading book written by teachers who are still in the classroom.  They seem so real.

A comment in her introduction, really hit home with me. Donalyn Miller on page 2 says "They (the children) don't read well enough; they don't read often enough; and if you talk to children, they will tell you that they don't see reading as meaningful in their life."   What do you mean they don't see it as meaningful, why not?  Could it be because it makes them think a little and sitting in front of the TV or computer is easier to do?  So how do we change it?  I can't wait to find out.

"A trail of worksheets from a teacher to their students does not build a connection with readers, only books do."  Powerful can we expect students to learn to love reading only from practice passages and worksheets?

Okay, so all that above came just from the introduction.  Now in to the real chapter one.

I have to admit as I read chapter one, there wasn't really anything that totally struck me as new.  As a teacher with 11 years experience teaching a variety of grade levels, every situation seemed familiar to me.  The one thing I have noticed and agree with, is as students get older their interest in reading tends to lessen.  I haven't figured this one out.  Is it because you don't have picture clue and visualizing is harder to do? Is it because you have to infer a little more? Is it because it seems like fewer students have books at home, or are encouraged to read at home?  

I am ready for chapter 2 and I hope I can get. Few ahha's out of it.  Happy Reading.


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